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DNVPDKS: VP-registered securities by issuer and investors sector (main table) (1999M12-2024M05)
DNVPDKBR: VP-registered securities by type of security, currency, issuer industry, investor industry, valuation and data type (2008M11-2024M05)
DNVPDKR2: Danish mortgage bonds by type of mortgage bond, original maturity, remaining maturity, coupon (nominal interest rate), currency, issuer, investor sector, covered bonds and data type (1999M12-2024M05)
DNVPDKR: VP-registered securities, mortgage-credit bonds (1999M12-2024M05)
DNVPDKU: VP-registered securities - dividends (1999M12-2024M05)
DNVPEJER: Investor concentration in Danish mortgage-credit bonds by ISIN (2005M01-2024M05)
DNVPDKF: VP-registered securities by ISIN codes (2005M01-2024M05)
DNVPSTRS: Structured bonds by characteristics (1999M12-2024M05)
DNVPSTRH: Structured bonds by underlying asset types and investor sector (1999M12-2024M05)
European security Statistics (SHS)
DNSHSREA: Danish mortgage bonds held by euro countries (SHS) by type of mortgage bond, investor country and data type (2019Q1-2024Q1)
Discontinued series
DNKDE2: Non-VP registered securities in safe custody in Denmark (DISCONTINUED) (2004M12-2008M02)
DNVPDKB: VP-registered securities by issuer and investor industry (DISCONTINUED) (1999M12-2008M12)